#NigerianRecipe - Ishapa Soup

We have so many unique dishes majority have not bothered to learn about. There are other dishes that exist aside rice, spaghetti and other delicacy which we eat often. Today, we will be learning about the soup called ISHAPA.

Ishapa is a traditional yoruba recipe popularly made by Ekiti State indigines. The soup is made from Roselle leaves. It is basically, egusi with white zobo sepals. This special delicacy is best enjoyed with solid meal such as eba, pounced yam, fufu etc.


Grounded Egusi
White Zobo Sepals (Dry Ishapa)
Dry Fish
Cow Skin (Kpomo)
Shaki cut into bite sizes
Cray Fish
Seasoning Cubes
Locust Beans
Scotch Bonnet Peppers(Ata Rodo)
Palm oil

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_ Wash, season and boil the assorted meat in a pot
_ Blend your egusi with onion and set aside
_ Blend and boil half of your onion, pepper, tomatoes, till excess water dries and set  aside
_ Add your Palm oil to a separate cooking pot, leave to fry few minutes on really low heat
_ Increase the heat and fry the remaining onion
_ Add the blended Tomato, pepper, onion to the hot oil
_ Stir the mix and fry
_ Add your seasoning, Locust beans (Iru), crayfish powder and fish.
_ Reduce the heat
_ Add your egusi to the sauce and allow to simmer on low heat for about 10minutes
_ Add your beef, Kpomo, Shaki, dry fish and cook for additional 7minutes on low heat
_ Increase the heat, add the ishapa and stir gently. Allow to cook for additional 6minutes.

As I said earlier, Ishapa soup is best eaten with swallow. Serve it hot with any swallow of your choice.
I choose IYAN (Pounded Yam).

Note that, the Ishapa leave should be soaked in boiled water and covered overnight. You will need to wash the leave about seven times or more. However, if you choose to use the dried Ishapa leaves, it requires extra care as it can be full of dirt. Therefore, you should pay more attention to it and wash thoroughly.


1)  It helps in excretion of excess fluids from the body
2)  It lowers blood pressure
3)  It contains Protein, Vitamin C, calcium etc


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