Nigeria Recipe- Abula

Hi Everyone!

It’s Friday and today, we will be talking about my favorite native dish. I am talking about the very popular Abula (one of the foods held in high esteem in the Yoruba land). Abula is a combination of Amala (Yam Flour), Gbegiri and Ewedu. I can actually taste the soup in my mouth as I’m typing this.

 Longer throat me, I know. Abula isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but try it once and you’ll be hooked as it is super delicious.

Gbegiri soup (the yellow one in the image) is a Yoruba soup prepared with beans which comes alive with ewedu (A mucilaginous and very slim draw soup made from jute leaves also known as ayoyo or saluyot leaves) soup and assorted meat.

Ingredients for Making Gbegiri Soup

1 cups Beans (white or brown)

Onions (2 balls)


Palm oil

Seasoning (Knorr cube, salt etc.)


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Soak beans in water for 3-5 minutes and peel to remove skin

Boil peeled beans with enough water until soft (You can use pressure pot) 

Boil assorted meat/fish till tender with seasoning and salt.

Blend cooked beans in a blender for a smooth pure and set aside

Place a cooking pan on a medium heat, add palm oil and heat for about 3 minutes (don’t bleach oil)

Stir beans in palm oil
Add water if needed to achieve desired thickness

Add assorted meat/fish and pepper, stir properly

Reduce the heat and leave to cook for about 10 minutes

 Check in between to avoid soup from burning

Ingredients for making Ewedu Soup 

Ewedu leaves

Ijabe (Traditional broom whisk) or blender


Locust beans


Salt to taste


Pluck the ewedu leaves from the stem

 Rinse the plucked leaves in clean water - Set Aside.

In a small pot, add the water and potash and leave to heat up

Once the water starts to boil, add the ewedu leaves and leave to cook for about 7 minutes

Turn off the burner and mash with the broom. Alternatively if you don't have the broom, leave the boiled ewedu to cool a little then pour it into a blender and blend.

Pour the ewedu back into the pot and turn the burner to the lowest. 

Add the salt, crayfish and locust beans. 

Leave it to simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Ingredients for making Amala (Yam Flour)

Yam flour


Wooden stick (Omorogun)


Heat water on fire to a boiling point

When the water is boiled, gradually add the yam flour to the water and stir simultaneously and quickly with the turning stick (omorogun) so it doesn’t form lumps

Add little water to it, cover and cook on low heat for about 7mins

Turn the Amala again

Bring it down from the fire and turn until a smooth lump is formed.

Serve alongside Gbegiri and Ewedu. I am urging you to spice up your weekend with this delicious delicacy.

Have a lovely weekend!!!


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